Dec 14, 2017

I write "science fiction" stories about Our Life, in non-conventional styles, while bringing something new to the table within standard beliefs and ideals. Please, Ask Me Anything!

Dec 12, 2017

I'm a Syria Arab Muslim AMA

Dec 11, 2017

I am an Athiest that goes to church, AMA.

Dec 11, 2017

I served a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Guatemala City, AMA

Dec 10, 2017

Recently went to a privateChristian school even though I’m catholic. AMA

Dec 11, 2017

Trying to get publishers interested in a dramatic novel about a man standing trial for the death of a Catholic priest. Ask Me Anything.

Dec 9, 2017

I'm getting an advanced degree in historical theology and write books and articles on the subject, AMA!

Dec 9, 2017

I Am a Mormon Angel. AMA

Dec 9, 2017

Im a music director at a church. AMA

I'm Kim, 22 years old from the Philippines. I have 11 dogs and 16 cats. I love music, island hopping, hiking and traveling. Ask me anything!

Dec 7, 2017

I am a Christian. Ask me anything about myself, or the religion itself.

Dec 16, 2017

Corridors of Life- A talk with your own soul A motivational manual for handling life in a new way. Ask me anything which can change your life.

Dec 4, 2017

Just found out I'm Jewish. AMA.

AMA! Mom blogging, raising twin survivors of TTTS, returning to school for Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy

Dec 3, 2017

AMA I'm one of those heathen Atheists that Faux news says ruins/wars on christmas, eats babies, and will make your kids shoot up the marijuanas. Ask me anything about how I survive in the bible bel...

Dec 2, 2017

I am a closet agnostic at a Christian private school in the US, AMA.

Dec 2, 2017

I am an atheist that just finished reading the satanic bible by Anton Szandor Lavey. Ask Me Anything!

Dec 2, 2017

I am the new president of the danish atheist society. I got three hours until my plane leaves. AMA

Dec 1, 2017

I am Jesus AMA.

Dec 2, 2017

Travel the world while living the dream!!! I never thought I would get to travel all over the world. I was 28 when I took the leap of faith and I had very little money. I now travel all over the world regularly and I do it with 2 babies!! Ask Me Anything

Nov 30, 2017

I am a Catholic schoolgirl, AMA

Nov 30, 2017

I am a traveling hitchhiker and trainhopper, and protested at Standing Rock last year AMA

My name is Fatima Alexander, Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyle Magazine I Am Unashamed and Author of Book The Faith of Hannah, publications focused on helping versions of themselves. Ask Me Anything.

Nov 30, 2017

I'm a guy who will be giving up my Verizon plan that includes grandfathered unlimited data to support the protest of Net Neutrality AMA

Nov 29, 2017

I’m an Arab non Muslim... AMA

Nov 28, 2017

I'm a Colombian Muslim AMA

Nov 29, 2017

AMA - Hello, I am a new author from Kent in England. I am due to publish my first book and I am also profoundly deaf. Ask me anything :)

Nov 28, 2017

I'm Australian, Black, Muslim and Gay. AMA

HER, a debut novel by Sandra Dosdall, gets rave reviews, and leaves her readers wanting more. Ask Me Anything about the writing experience, character development, research, or plot.

Nov 27, 2017

I am an Ahmadi Muslim from the State of Georgia. Ask Me Anything!

Nov 27, 2017

I am a closeted atheist (ex Muslim) who lives in the middle east, AMA .

Nov 28, 2017

I'm Gerry Peters, the owner of Midi Magic Studio & Alleluia Christian Music Productions. I'm a Nashville session Keyboard player and producer that has recorded for numerous Major Artists. Midi-Magic Studio is a Recording Studio for aspiring Artists and Songwriters from novice to signed Artists. Ask Me Anything

Nov 26, 2017

I am Jesus Christ AMA

Nov 26, 2017

I am a Muslim woman from a third world country who fell in love with a Christian man. We are happily married. AMA

Nov 26, 2017

I am attempting to change my religious indoctrination. My parents were pastors, missionaries, chaplains, etc. AMA

Nov 30, 2017

AMA anything about Comic booksdrawing, art, illustration, 3d modeling, texturing, writing, directing, and creative process.

Nov 26, 2017

Jesus was black, AMA.

Nov 25, 2017

Grew up in a pretty fundamentalist Christian church, now nonreligious, AMA

Nov 25, 2017

IamA 94 year old German-Jewish refugee who left Nazi Germany as a teenager. AMA!

Nov 26, 2017

AMA From perception to reality, the growth of global security an travel

Nov 26, 2017

Hi, I am Ziri Dafranchi - author, poet, philosopher, and social commentator - and I will like to invite you to my AMA event where you can ask me anything about life, including any things you consider a mystery in life, in an attempt to explore the contents of my book, "Life: A Mystery Solved". You can also ask me questions about writing and becoming an author. Join me let's unravel the mysteries of life!

Nov 24, 2017

I am a Christian man. AMA

My name is Cedric Hohnstadt. I'm a professional illustrator and cartoonist. I'm Kickstarting a book of gag cartoons. AMA!

Nov 22, 2017

Hi blessed for being here my name is Jennie I am 50 years old and I am first time Author. Non-fiction book called when the light changed me is a true story by Jennie Ortiz is about my life. its all about miracles that happen to me. I am happy to say I love helping people and If I can help one person with this book then I did my job. I am blessed to be here AMA

Nov 21, 2017

I am an atheist. AMA

Nov 21, 2017

[Fic] IAmA member of the Viridian Order, a religious Order that believes the planet we live on is the physical incarnation of our God. AMA!

Nov 21, 2017

I am nearly everything Hitler hated: a bisexual, slavic-arab, communist, Jew. AMA

Nov 21, 2017

I’m a young suppressed Muslim who finds he has to hide his religion from the public - AMA

Nov 20, 2017

IAMA liberal Muslim living in Abu Dhabi (1.5h away from Dubai). Im also a Journalist. AMA.

Nov 20, 2017

Hello! I'm an Atheist who started questioning the belief of god at age 6 (now 16) AMA!

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